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Health and Safety Policy


It is the policy of LA COCCINELLE to create a safe environment and to encourage ways of working which will ensure the safety of children, employees and all other persons who come onto the premises.

A health and safety poster will be clearly displayed within the provision.

The person responsible for the general implementation of this policy is: AISSATOU CLISH Manager

All staff members have a responsibility to bring to the attention of the above named person any concerns with regards to Health and Safety.

The above named person is responsible for recording any concerns raised and acting upon them.

An Annual premises audit will be carried out.

All staff are responsible for their own safety and the safety of all children attending the setting.

They have a responsibility to work in a way that ensures the Health and Safety of themselves and all other persons they come into contact with.

Staff will undertake any relevant training to support Health and Safety within the provision.

All new staff members will receive Health and Safety information as part of the induction process within the first week of their appointment.


Risk Assessments

-        Risk assessment will be conducted every month to assess the environment and ensure that it is safe and suitable for all children, parents, staff, volunteers and visitors.

-       Written formal risk assessments will be kept on site and will be accessible at all times.

-       Management will maintain a record of all safety issues and any action taken.

-       Daily risk assessments will be carried out on the indoor and outdoor environment.

-       All staff will be involved in the risk assessment review process.



LA COCCINELLE holds a Public and Employer’s liability insurance.

The public liability Insurance certificate is displayed in the office.

The safe evacuation of the building is of primary importance.



-       A fire evacuation plan will be on display at all times, it will include information on ‘raising the alarm’ and the named place of safety away from the building.

-       Exits will be kept clear.

-       Fire doors will be kept shut at all times.

-       A practice fire drill will be carried out regularly at different times/days and recorded in.

-       Fire appliances will be checked annually and the staff will be made aware of their position.

-       All heaters will be guarded and nothing will be placed on top of fireguards.

-       All visitors will be made aware of fire evacuation procedure.

-       New staff will take part in a fire evacuation drill, as part of their induction, within the first week of their



Electrical Appliances

-       All electrical appliances will be checked annually (PAT) and recorded.

-       Faults will be reported to the manager.

-       Televisions, hi-fis, computers etc. will be unplugged when not in use.

-       Electrical leads will be placed so that they do not trail in such a way as to be dangerous.

-       No liquid containers will be placed near to any electrical appliance.

-       All electric socket points will have covers in place when not in use.


Buildings and Equipment.

-       Any faults will be reported to the manager who will contact the relevant person.

-       Equipment and resources will be checked and cleaned at regular intervals within cleaning routine and

records will be kept.

-       Equipment and resources will conform to the required legislative standards.

-       Staff should have regard to the manual handling policy when equipment and resources are being moved.


General Tidiness

-       The premises will be kept tidy in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

-       Hot drinks will not be consumed in the presence of children.

-       All storage areas will be kept tidy and equipment stored appropriately.

-       Steps will be provided for items stored on high shelving.


Car Parking

-       Great care will be exercised when cars are moved. This will be made clear to staff, parents and visitors.

-       The car park area will be maintained



-       It is the responsibility of all staff to maintain standards of cleanliness; the policy is to “clean as you go.”

-       Paper towels and soap will be provided for hand washing.

-       Hands are washed after using the toilet, before handling food, after handling a variety of different resources and after handling animals.

-       Toilet areas are regularly checked and cleaned to ensure high standards of hygiene and safety.

-       Disposable gloves and aprons are available to be worn when coming into contact with bodily fluids.

-       Young children are escorted to the toilets and a step and toilet seat is provided for their use if required.

-       Information will be obtained from the Environmental Health Department on up to date legislation.

-       Tissues will be available for use; tissues will be disposed of appropriately after use and hands washed.

-       Antibacterial spray will be used to clean surfaces for food preparation and after use.


Storage of cleaning materials

-       Any potentially dangerous substance will be kept out of the sight and reach of children.

-       Screw tops of containers will be tightly closed.

-       Cleaning materials will be stored in original containers or labeled containers with instructions in COSHH file.

-       Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) legislation will be followed.



-       There is strictly NO SMOKING allowed on the premises of LA COCCINELLE, including the outdoor area and car park area.

-       Staff members are not permitted to smoke during hours of duty and failure to observe this policy will

result in disciplinary action.

-       It is illegal to sell cigarettes to children under 18.

-       It is illegal for children under 18 to smoke in public.


Alcohol/ Other Substances

-        There is strictly NO ALCOHOL or any other substances allowed on the premises of LA COCCINELLE.

-       It is illegal for children under 18 to buy alcohol and drink in public.

-       All staff including volunteers are not permitted to work if under the influence of alcohol and or any other

substances that may affect their ability to care for children and failure to observe this policy will result in

disciplinary action. This includes both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs.

-       Where an employee is taking strong medication that may affect their ability to care for children, this

should be disclosed to the management and medical advice be sought. The employee will only work directly with the children if the medical advice is that the medication is unlikely to impair their ability to look after the children.

-       LA COCCINELLE will not tolerate on the premises any parent/carer under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. Any parent under the influence of alcohol and or any other substance will be refused admission and LA COCCINELLE will determine if it is appropriate and safe for the child to leave with them.



There is strictly NO SOLVENTS allowed on the premises of LA COCCINELLE.

-       It is illegal to sell solvents to children under 18.

-       All glues etc. used at the setting will be safe to be used by children and children will be supervised.

-       Any solvents brought onto the premises by a child will be removed from them and parents/carers informed.



-      LA COCCINELLE will ensure that any animal visiting the setting is free from disease.

-       We will ensure that the setting’s pets are free from disease and safe for the children.

-       Children will be required to wash their hands before and after contact with animals.

-       A full risk assessment will be undertaken before children come into contact with any animals/pets.

-       We will be mindful of children that suffer from pet allergies. Where a child attending the setting has an allergy to a specific animal type, that animal will not be deemed suitable as a setting pet or as a visiting pet.


Supervision of children

-       Children will be supervised in accordance with adult: child ratios as set out in the EYFS requirements.

-       In or out of the building, children will be supervised at all times.

-       Headcounts will be conducted regularly throughout the day.

-       When children are playing outside, if anyone uninvited enters the grounds the supervisor will ask them to leave.

If the person (or persons) involved refuses to leave the grounds, then the children will be taken inside the building and appropriate action taken.

-       Special care will be taken when children are using apparatus. All equipment will be checked to ensure it

is stable and secure before use. All children will be taught the correct use and care of equipment.

-       Children’s arrival/departure time will be recorded. Records will be properly maintained in INK. Any required alterations will be by a single line through the original entry. No original entry will be erased.

-       When children are taken off the premises their whereabouts will be recorded. Parents will always be

informed and asked to sign a consent form.

-       Any vehicle used will have a current TAX, MOT certificate, insurance certificate and be in road worthy

condition. All children will be restrained in an appropriate seatbelt. Vehicle details and a list of named drivers will be kept.

-           A qualified lifesaver will always be present if swimming.


Sun Care

-       No children under the age of 6 months will be exposed to the sun.

-       No children will be exposed to sunlight unless their skin is adequately protected.

-       Sun cream will only be applied to children with prior written consent from parents.

-       All sun cream will be been supplied by the parent, enclosed in its original container and labeled appropriately.

-       Parents will also be asked to provide sun hats and appropriate clothing for children to protect them from the sun.

-       We will endeavour to avoid exposure to the sun when it is at its strongest - between 12 noon and 3pm.


Accidents and Sickness

-       A minimum of one staff member holding appropriate first aid qualifications will be on duty at all times.

-       LA COCCINELLE will have its own first aid kit on the premises and during outings.

-       The contents of the first aid kit will be checked, replaced and updated regularly. The staff member responsible is AISSATOU CLISH

-       Any medication required to be on the premises will be stored appropriately in accordance with product instructions and must be within the original container in which dispensed.

-       Accident, First Aid and Medication policy will be followed.

-       Children will be supervised at all times when eating.

-       Adults will not be involved in the preparation of food if suffering from any infectious/contagious illness or skin condition.

-       All staff involved in handling food will comply with regulations relating to food safety and hygiene.

-       Staff members preparing food will hold the relevant food hygiene certificate.

-       Food hygiene will be included in the induction process and on the job training/guidance provided.

-       Different cloths will be used for kitchen, toys and toilet cleaning.

-       Raw and cooked food should be prepared on separate surfaces.

-       All fresh fruit and vegetables will be washed thoroughly before use.

-       All utensils will be kept scrupulously clean and stored in a dust free container.

-       Fresh drinking water will be available at all times.

-       Drinking beakers will be washed in hot soapy water after use.

-       Baby equipment will be sterilised if appropriate.

-       Any cracked or chipped items will be disposed of immediately.

-       All food will be kept in an airtight container or appropriately covered, labeled and stored safely.

-       Kitchen facilities will be kept clean and fridge, freezer, microwave etc. will be cleaned weekly

-       Fridge /Freezer temperature will be checked daily and recorded.

-       If parents provide packed lunches these will stored safely and information will be given about appropriate foods.

-       All uneaten food of children who are having packed lunches will be returned to the parent in order that they are able to make judgments about their child’s diet.

-       LA COCCINELLE is registered with the Environmental Health Department and will undergo regular checks / inspections from them.

-       In the event of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on the premises, we will inform the Environmental Health Department and Ofsted will be informed within 14 days of the event occurring.



We will endeavour to keep our information up to date.

Information will be obtained by referring to:

-       Health and Safety Act 1974.

-       Management of Health and Safety at Work Act 1992.




This policy was written by:


Owner/Director and Lead Manager


Date:    15 September 2016

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